Category: Film

  • 5 Laps to Go

    5 Laps to Go

    At the Kissena Park velodrome in Queens, planes fly overhead and bikers compete in track races.

  • Staten Island Boat Graveyard

    Staten Island Boat Graveyard

    Rusted ships sink into Arthur Kill at Staten Island’s boat graveyard, with Fresh Kills landfill looming in the background.

  • 11 Spring Street

    11 Spring Street

    In New York City, a building at 11 Spring Street, long known for its history of street art, was bought by a developer and opened up for a one weekend exhibition by artists from around the world. in December 2006. Jake Dobkin, a proponent of street art and the editor of, speaks about the…

  • Bike Kill 2005

    Bike Kill 2005

    “We don’t like airplanes. Airplanes are no fun because you can’t ride a bicycle in an airplane and riding bicycles is what it’s all about at the Black Label Bicycle Kill.” Filmed in Super 8 film in 2005, the Bike Kill is an all day block party in Brooklyn, NY with bike jousting, music, and…

  • This is Where I live

    This is Where I live

    Filmed in 2003 in Black and White Super 8 Film. First screened at the Metropolis exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. Looking back, it’s an autobiographical sketch focused on a railroad apartment–and of moving from Buffalo, NY to Brooklyn, NY as a recent art graduate in his early 20’s.