August 03, 2016 at 02:34PM

August 3, 2016


“The Dyckman Farmhouse from Broadway” – Nick Golebiewski

1 out of 9

In July, the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum welcomed NYC-based artist Nick Golebiewski as a day-long “artist-in-residence.”

Nick is no stranger to Inwood—his recent exhibit, Inwood Drawings, premiered at cornerstone STUDIOS L-Gallery in June and was a stop along NOMAA’s Summer 2016 Uptown Arts Stroll.

During his afternoon at
Dyckman, Nick sketched the landscape and architecture of the site from
various locations on the property. His images perfectly capture the
farmhouse’s rustic charm!

We hope you enjoy
Nick’s photographs from his visit that we will continue to post
throughout the rest of the summer.

Check Nick out on all of his social media:

Instagram: @nickgolebiewski

Twitter: @nickdesign

Tumblr: @nicks-lunchbox-service

Facebook: Nick Golebiewski Artist


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